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About tiarawhynot

Hello! I am tiarawhynot, an animator who seeks to create various silly animations as well as adult ones. For many years i've found there to be a huge lack of adult related humor  as well as adult animations/games. Instead of waiting for someone else to finally produce content requested by many, i have decided to step up and do it ourselves. 

However, animation and game creation takes a lot of time and work. To make projects in a timely manner i have decided to go full time in their creation. For this to function i will rely on a steady source of income via crowd funding. All the animations and games I've made and will make will be free now and in the future!

Thus your contributions help greatly, no matter how small, to continue to allow me to create many games and animations. Your pledges can be anonymous, you can cancel your pledge at any time and you can easily set monthly limits. 

Youtube CPM and animators:
This may be news to you, but animators on youtube have been leaving the site in droves since 2012, and many have converted to letsplays/liveblogs (like egoraptor or oney or ricepirate). Pre 2012, your CPM (CPM is cost of views per 1000 views) was calculated by total views.

However, due to the reply girl scandal (where girls spammed comments with videos and ranked millions o views) google decided to change the system and make the CPM be ranked by watch time. This is why so many liveblogs/letsplays arose. The system rewards mass uploads and lenght instead of short works and quality. Now to earn from youtube you must upload 10 videos a week and have 10 minutes or longer to be put in a devent CPM range, otherwise the system considers you bottom barel
Because of this the exodus of animators began, no longer being able to earn a paycheck (and you can check their respesctive youtube channels with their comments on this subject).

A letsplay can put out 10 videos a week taht are 10 minutes long (many put out far more). Lets say only 20% of all people watch each video all the way through. That is still 2 minutes of watch time per video per day, which adds up to a lot of minutes. In comparison, an animator, at best I can produce 1-2 videos a month of 1-2 minute lenght (if i really rush it too, often it takes more than a month to make one animation). Despite having 100% watch time, for the entire month i only have that 1-2 minute watch time total. This is why all the animators and other peolple who take time to make things have been completely trashed.

This is where patreon comes in. It allows you, the fans, to support creators such as myself and allow us to take the time to produce content that you enjoy, and allow us to pay bills and focus on the things we love to do which is animating!

Is this a content paywall?
Absolutely not! All of the things i make here are available on all sites. The only files here are WIP images and bonus raffle rewards! By joining here you get a an early peek at whats coming and to help me as an artist.

Support for projects 
The projects i'm currently working include all kinds of shows/games/cartoons (and are not limited to just ponies, although a big part of my games are that at the moment). By becoming my patron you will support and compensate me for the time i spend creating these games. As my development continues, there will be plenty of voting and decision making on future projects as well as suggestions/ideas to current ones that you can be a part of. This will allow an open discussion between you and i about anything that is going on! All the work in the projects, including sketches/design/vectoring/art/animation is done by me.

Payment Disclaimer:
The pledges you make do not go to any individual project. All our works are either original content or parodies. When you make a pledge, the payment goes directly to me. By being a patron you are allowing me to focus on content creation and projects that many want to see. This money is not used to fund any specific projects (for copyright reasons) although i -will- use it to pay voice actors, artists, other animators and musicians to help improve the quality of our projects and allow for bigger things.
Remember, you can:
  • Cancel or change your pledge amount at any time.
  • Set a monthly limit so you don't pledge over your budget.
  • Pledge anonymously, for privacy reasons.

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Allow us to work on all projects full time!
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