Tides Podcast is creating an audio drama

Benevolent Mermaid-like Aliens

$1 /creation
Our unending gratitude, access to exclusive channels in our Discord server and the chance to listen to the episodes several days early. 

Inquisitive Xenobiologists

$3 /creation
Access to the director's commentary track. (and all above)

Four Eyed Birds

$5 /creation
You get your name listed as sponsors on the website and access to extras and bloopers (and all above).

Monster Crabs

$10 /creation
Annotated scrips with details of the scientific background used to create the world and all the technical stuff that had to be cut to make the episode listenable. (and all above). 

Orbiter Crew

$15 /creation
A shoutout at the end of the episode and access to the unpublished short story that the podcast was adapted from (contains plot spoilers) (and all of above). 


$20 /creation
A print of the cover art mailed to you and access to the Tides Book Club, with science fiction recommendation and lively discussion. (and all above)