Tierra de Aventuras

is creating table top role-playing maps
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About Tierra de Aventuras

I am a student of architecture and passionate about tabletop role-playing games. By combining both passions, I created "Tierra de Aventuras".

But what is “Tierra de Aventuras”?

"Tierra de Aventuras" is a project where I develop maps, carthographies and adventures with an architectural approach. I want to create places to make your adventures possible, whether it be on print or online platforms. All the material created with the necessary characteristics for your DM or your players.

Would you like to take the journey through this adventure land and meet fantastic creatures and places? It’s really simple, with your patronage you can help me create these wonderful maps and I can continue this great project.

I’m thankful for your support and I promise to keep offering you a work of quality so you can take your role games to a new level. Come with me on this adventure, and you won’t be sorry.

So role for initative!
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