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About Tieshaunn Tanner

Greetings and Salutations!

I am Tieshaunn Tanner, a writer of web serials striving to provide weekly (and eventually, more frequent) entertainment for everyone interested.

My work includes the ongoing web serials Brennus of the Blazing Stars series, as well as the Dreaming.

Brennus is the first work I ever published for a wider audience, after a good decade of writing exclusively for myself or a very few close friends; it started with hiccups and embarrassing mistakes (it continues to amaze me how people managed to read past the first four arcs), yet it remains my main work and the one nearest and dearest to my heart, for many, many reasons.
In this story, superpowers have been a part of the world since 1923, brought into it by two geniuses who went on to become the world's pre-eminent superhero and supervillain, respectively. In the present, a teenage boy named Basil Blake with a strange past awakens the ability to create marvelous technology, and sets out to become a hero - or so it seems. Instead he finds himself caught in a web of family loyalties, twisted memories, unexpected friendships and vicious enemies.
It is meant to be just the first book of three, which are planned to encompass several turbulent years of the setting's history as Basil and his friends try to forge their own path... for good or ill.

The Dreaming started as a side-project and so far remains one, having only had very sporadic updates; it's an urban fantasy/horror story and has been heavily influenced - which I'll freely admit here - by the Dresden Files; though I believe I have managed to make it truly my own.
The story revolves around Aisling Blackhill - known to most as Ash - a teenage girl who stumbles by pure accident into the hidden world of magic and monsters that hides behind the mundane world; a world she is utterly unprepared for. Lacking a teacher, a protector or anything of much use but an old, cynical shadow of questionable trustworthiness and two steadfast friends, she finds out that her home town is far more complicated than she ever believed, as century-old plots, rivalries and enmities are coming to a head, rapidly approaching utter Pandaemonium.
And that doesn't even account for a two-hundred year curse that's about to make its true terror known.

There are more serials in the works, for when I manage to complete one or both of these. While I'm not writing them, I am however refining the settings and their plots - I make a lot of notes.

However, though I tend to represent myself with the image of a Lich, I unfortunately do not share their most awesome features - a complete lack of the need for sleep, food, proper clothing and shelter. As such, I need to support myself somehow to be able to justify spending time on this labour of love; providing entertainment for countless people may be as noble a goal as they come, but I do have to take care of myself and my family. Thus I am now here on Patreon, humbly requesting that any who find any worth in my work support me with whatever they can afford - every little bit is appreciated and goes towards providing more quality entertainment for you all!


Tieshaunn Tanner
$67.18 of $150 per month
I can quit one job! At this point, I'll guarantee at least two chapters a week, with a 3:1 split for Brennus to the Dreaming. More chapters whenever possible.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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