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Shadow Magic Animation Pilot Episode
by KAGE Productions (Tiffany Lei and Team)
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Other dimensions are tearing Earth apart and humanity clings to survival. An ancient power begins to awaken, but will those who are chosen be able to wield it?

Featuring the voice talent of Yuri Lowenthal and Vic Mignogna:

And music by Yutaka Yamada:

Why Should you support me?

With your support here through Patreon, I'll be able to spend less time on client work and more time on the Shadow Magic project. That means faster production and earlier release, including exclusive perks for you! Have your name included in the credits, get cool limited edition items, exclusive giveaways and more to come! Join me on this ambitious journey. Together, we can create a beautiful 2D film that combines both Eastern and Western animation techniques with storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The planet is being consumed by other dimensions and humanity is on the edge of extinction. Time is running out to stop the tears in our reality from ripping our world apart. Avery, an online gamer, suddenly becomes a player in a real life RPG and begins to uncover the truth behind the destruction. 

2015 Trailer:

Short Term Goal: 
Animation is a ton of work. So far, everything has been done by myself and hiring help out of my own pocket when I can. I need to be able to set aside time and hire more help to produce 45-minutes of animation (released in 2-5 minute clips as-completed) for the Shadow Magic pilot episode (two episodes back-to-back to complete a story arc).

A few storyboard panels from the Shadow Magic Pilot Episode:

Long Term Goal: 
To establish a full time anime studio outside of Japan. We're currently based in the film and animation industry hub of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We want to create a home for those passionate about working in this industry and make awesome content that YOU enjoy!

I am Tiffany Lei, an experienced industry animator and published manga artist and author. To check out my works, please visit the KAGE Productions Team page and the Press page for more information =D.

Funds Usage: 
All Patreon funds go toward covering production costs including voice acting, music, layout and background art, and additional animators. As of right now, NONE of the funds generated here are going into my own pocket. I am not paying myself to do storyboards, designs, writing, voice acting, animation or any other part that I do. With enough support ($1500/mo), then, and only then, will I be able to reallocate funds toward my own work hours on this pilot. More funding from you means hiring additional help to expedite production =). 

As of November, 2016, all voice acting recording fees have been covered thanks to your support through Patreon! All incoming funds are being assigned to the next stage: supplementary storyboard sequences, layout and background art.

Current Progress Report (June 2017):

Script 100%
Voice Acting 70%
Character Design 100%
Mechanical Design 10%
Weapons Design 75%
Creature Design 75%
Storyboard 45%
Layout and BG Design n/a
Animatic n/a
Rough Animation n/a
Clean Animation n/a
Color Animation n/a
FX Animation n/a
3D assets n/a
Music n/a
Sound Design n/a
Composite and Editing n/a

About Payments through Patreon:
You will be charged the amount you select once per month and immediately gain access to the update feed and the perks that come with your tier. Sound interesting? Click that "become a Patron" button and be a part of the huge endeavor of creating an anime web-series! 

Thank you so much for visiting, and please spread the word by sharing this page! And thank you for becoming my awesome supporter!

Other places to connect with me:

$46 of $100 per month

-Vic Mignogna's and Yuri Lowenthal's voice talent for the Shadow Magic anime pilot episode!
-Any overflow will be paid forward to the next milestone goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 94 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 94 exclusive posts

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