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1 - “Last Party On Earth” (Extended/Full podcasts):
A twice monthly podcast that lets you listen in on how I talk to people I respect. I sit down with friends, DJs, smart DJs, musicians and thinkers. Real n' raw opinions, career paths, and of course: their favourite records. All the hard-won wisdom I’ve gained carrying the burden of being called “The Peter Pan of Techno” for well over a decade. While Part One of the podcast will be available to all for free, only Patreon subscribers get Part Two, when the guests let their guard down and career-ending meltdowns are 55% more likely.

2 - Monthly Fan Club Newsletter:
Ever constantly wonder what’s going on in Tiga World? From now on, think of me as your one-way, one-man pen pal. And as always, feel free to be deeply inspired.

3 - Exclusive DJ Mixes / Exclusive Music:
You see these anywhere else on the internet, you burn that website to the fucking ground.

4 - 10% discount code for all Turbo Recordings releases and merchandise, plus advance intel on all Tiga/Turbo operations, projects, shows, rallies, flashmob tutorials, social media buys, and soul-crushing Spotify participation.

  • Extended Versions of Last Party On Earth Podcasts
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Exclusive DJ Mixes / Exclusive Music
  • 10% off Turbo Recordings Bandcamp

Dancer Pro

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You get everything the CIVILIAN Dancers get... AND:

1 - Monthly Video AMA: When the Answer Man comes calling, you better be asking the right questions. Soon you’ll be saying, “You won’t believe what Tiga said” anytime you say anything. OR: Monthly Video Commentary: let me be your date to the Oscars, the Grammys the hottest European football matches, the Super Bowl Pregame and Halftime Shows, and other cultural hallmarks that demand my rapid fire commentary and compulsive need to speak truth to power 24/7.

2 - Archive material from THE VAULT, aka "Time Machine Island"
There is no greater freedom than being trapped inside my vault. Each month you will get either of the following: 
- Exclusive/unreleased and possibly unplayable music.
- Advanced access to forthcoming music. Yes. It is true.

3 - BEYOND THE TRAXX (Bonus Podcasts):
An exploration/behind the scenes of the making of one of my greatest hits alongside some of my greatest collaborators. Exclusive podcast exploring specific songs and moments in glorious (yet rose-tinted) detail.

4 - 15% discount code for Turbo Recordings releases and merchandise.
Seeing as most of you already spend at least $100 a month on my products, this increased discount means that subscribing to the $10 tier will actually make you money. The only smart move available to you, currently.

  • Extended Versions of Last Party On Earth Podcasts
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Video Chat
  • Monthly unreleased material from the vaults
  • Beyond The Traxx Bonus Podcasts
  • 15% off Turbo Recordings Bandcamp
  • Exclusive DJ Mixes / Exclusive Music


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It’s so simple. I offer 100% RealNess. I will tell you what nobody dares tell you. The absolute, 100% concentrated TRUTH REDUCTION. Ego destruction. The end of you as you know it. You can’t get this truth anywhere else at these prices - not from family, not from friends, only from me.

Your poetry?
The “new you”?
Your relationships?
All will be laid to waste.
And out of the emotional rubble, after the truth-nuking, the real you will emerge, one I can be happy with.


About Tiga

For some of you, the idea of having direct access to my mind sounds like paradise. The truth is: it’s much more than that. 

In today’s landscape, everyone and their scumbag friend is trying to sell you on personality. But I’m here to tell you there’s a new kid in town and his name’s Imagination. And he’s going to fuck you up. Club Sexor members will get a direct pipeline to the worlds most valuable commodity: imagination.

Members will come to know the palace intrigue of my mind better than my friends, family, or employees ever will. If you understand what I’m offering here, then you’re already a member in spirit. And even if you don't, you are still absolutely welcome to pay me every month. 

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