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About Tiger Crab Studios


Tiger Crab Studios is an independent creator and publisher of fantasy horror content set in the fictional world of Nevera, a world overrun with necromancers and undead. We do a lot, but ultimately we love telling stories.

We have successfully run and delivered on three Kickstarter campaigns, and now we are migrating our efforts to Patreon to continue to create comic books, card game expansions, novels, and lore books. There's something here for everyone, all with monthly updates. See samples of our projects here. 

Nevera Duels Expansion Cards

At least two new minions a month (eight playable cards). Due to the hugely positive reception of our game Nevera Duels, we are forging ahead with Undead minion type cards, as voted on by the community. Easily integrated into any existing deck or maybe you would like to specialize in their powerful combination of physical and magical tactics to overwhelm your opponents.

With the game of Nevera Duels, players become the necromancers and summon powerful minions to battle their opponents, using an array of abilities and ascending their minions into more powerful forms.

Nevera Duels comes with 144 minion cards, with which players create their own personal deck of 36 cards. You can check out reviews, game-play videos, and a more in depth look at the game here, get a copy of the print-and-play files here, and hang out with us at Board Game Geek.

Nevera Tales Comic Books

At least two pages a month, telling the continuing adventures of Elisa and Alex as they navigate the warped world of Nevera and strive to find their place in it. With new characters and dangers to explore.

Together, they must take control of their destinies, and survive against the ever present wild undead, and the humans who are determined to see them exterminated. 

We will be releasing a minimum of one page a month. You can learn more about the comics here with reviews and time-lapse videos. You can get your own copy of issues 1 & 2, with free audio book versions here.

Pocket Necronomicon: Lore & Bestiary

Several entries a month to an expanding lore book containing detailed minion descriptions, vignettes, and history of the world of Nevera, as well as resources for using our minions in your own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns!

Nevera Legends: Novels

At least two chapters a month, for the first time a new way to explore Nevera is beginning with the fantasy horror novels Nevera Legends, You can follow the epic story of Harper in the world of Nevera, where once many different schools of magic existed, a cataclysm has caused all forms of magic to disappear except necromancy. Now a world overrun by necromancers and undead, with only a few small strongholds of humans remaining, ghosts, skeletons, spirits, and all manner of undead abominations roam the land like wild beasts. 

One terrible night, Harper's village is destroyed by undead and his friend Alex is killed in the massacre. In his grief and inexperience, Harper attempts to use necromancy to revive Alex, but instead fuses her soul with a nearby sewing mannequin, making her a living doll, trapped between life and death. Now, Harper and Alex must quest across Nevera, overcoming its terrible and unnatural dangers, to find a way to undo Harper's mistake.

About Me

Created and run by me, Daniel Bishop. I have been writing stories since I could spell, and entering every writing and art contest I could (even running some of my own) since I was little. I studied Philosophy and Creative Writing at university, and now teach public elementary school where I champion new little writers and artists.

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