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Named after my project 'Another Record That Changed My Life', if you're a Record Patron, you're supporting me and you're a collaborator, and that's huge. You'll get access to patron-only posts, early access to my albums and invites to special online events. You’ll also get downloads of rare unreleased material and private shows that only you will be able to access. Your support is how I begin a creation. THANK YOU.
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Named after my album 'Sonnet 155' ,if you're a Sonnet Patron,  you're supporting me a lot.  £10 per month is really generous. Thank you! You'll get all of the above, plus you'll get 3 x 1hr of my mentoring sessions for each year of your patronage on Skype/Zoom/etc.  And if you're not looking for mentoring, we can use your 3 sessions to talk about whatever you like!  Give me feedback, share your thoughts.  If you're giving me the money, I want to give you my time!
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About Tim Arnold

If you're a fan of my music and you would like me to keep making music, I need you to join me on Patreon.

Times have changed for independent musicians. When we stream our music, independent artists like me get next to nothing. And in a post pandemic world, concerts and gigs are not a way for musicians to earn a living right now. 

'The industry is on pause.  Artists are still creating.'

During the 2020 lockdown, my single ‘ Weird Now’ resonated with more people than any of my previous singles. It was a beautiful moment, which tells me that this is not a time for me to give up what I do. This is a time to embrace a new, exciting way forward.

By signing up to be my patron, you are not just supporting me to get paid, you’re also collaborating with me to help me make all the things I make.

'For the price of a coffee once a month, you get the music I make.'

As an individual, I actually don’t need much other than food, a roof over my head and the tools I use to create. I don't own a property and I don't have dependents. My only responsibility each day that I awake is delivering fresh creations in sound and vision to you, as I always have.

This year, I have written and recorded two more solo albums (both as yet unreleased), produced a feature length documentary, created my first Podcast, and have also made another film. I cannot keep up that output without your help.

'Forget Spotify and Apple. I now release new music to my patrons on Patreon first'

I want to connect directly with the ones who like, listen and follow my work.

"It’s the Ancient Future: Art needs patronage."

In the 21st century, we have gone forward by going back to the roots of how art used to get made.  It's not about infinite distribution. It's about our relationship.

Hopefully, my proven record means you might want to be my patron.

I was fortunate to make music in the old school music industry before it got broken, but I have a feeling it’s going to be an even more inspiring journey working closely with, and for YOU.


Tim x

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