Timcast is creating Journalism

Entry Level

$2 /mo
A new tier added due to request

Tier 1

$10 /mo
Anyone who pledges 10$ or more will receive access to behind the scene photos and bonus videos, commentary, and  more from my alternate channels 

Tier 2

$20 /mo
Pledge 20$ or more and you will have access to a weekly live chat and hangout with me and my friends. We will discuss gaming, technology, politics, and anything else you feel like talking about.

Tier 3

$100 /mo
Pledge $100 or more and I will give you access to a private messenger to ask me questions anytime. Send tips, get clarification, and request stories.

Tier 4

$500 /mo
Anyone who gives 500$ or more will get credit in the description of all videos as well as the other rewards below this tier.

Tier 5

$1,000 /mo
Pledge 1000$ or more and you can just come over and hang out for our live sessions in person. Chat with everyone in the feed, play video games with us and eat all of our food.

(this only wor...

Tier 6

$5,000 /mo
Honestly, this tier exists as more of a "if you don't ask the answer is always no"

So if you want to give $5,000 per month you can email me with any idea for a reward and we can discuss th...