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You're a goblin! Thats cool! thank you for the support!! You get to see all the comics i post!

Frog Knights!
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You're a frog? awesome! You get everything those Goblins get but you also get a cool phone wallpaper. It'll be different every month! It's basically an exclusive drawing just for you (and the other frogs) plus process stuff and concept art about the comic, so if you feel like learning a bit more about the comic this tier is for you!



About Timecowboy

Hi! i'm Jake, i've been making comics and putting them online for awhile, you might have seen them on tumblr or twitter! I also wrote a comic series called Teen Dog which was about a teenaged dog.
I'm making this to help support the webcomic i'm currently working on called A Nice Long Walk, a fantasy comic about a young woman going on a big adventure! 

This patreon is mostly for those who like my work and feel like supporting it going forward! So if you like what i do and feel like supporting me in a small way, please consider pledging!


- Jake Δ
30% complete
When i reach this goal i'll be able to focus on comics full time! imagine how many comics i'll be able to make if we got there!  So many!
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