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I've been writing astrology forecasts since 2012, and studying astrology seriously since 1996. I'm currently working on multi-media content, including podcasts and a new online magazine. I began Timeline Astrology in 2012 as the word 'timeline' had just entered the popular vocabulary. Ancient cultures, including those of the Vedic era, used the stars' guidance for timing rituals and daily activities, so I think 'timeline' is a fitting description. Also, Vedic astrology has intricate predictive techniques based on sign and planetary cycles alongside transits that are my preferred techniques. These 'timelines' are the most helpful and practical for clients who do not wish to study astrology, but wish to navigate their life more skillfully.

I write articles that address complex Vedic astrological calculations, in an easy-to-follow format, often omitting calculations for a general audience and for ease of reading. I have been published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine and write a monthly article for Joni Patry's Astrologic magazine. I write in an accessible manner for Western sensibilities, as I am a Westerner learning an Eastern philosophy and art. I strongly believe in the power of astrology as a means to reach our full potential and write articles and forecasts with helpful perspectives that tackle real issues.

In 2018, I began a podcast channel, as well as a new magazine with other Vedic astrologers contributing articles. In 2019, I began to deepen my relationship with my readers and created a members’ site for patrons who support my work; to help fund these projects. Sign up as a patron of my website if you would like to get access to more content, including more in-depth monthly reports, online discussions and video presentations. This is a great way to keep up-to-date with the transits if you've had a reading previously or if you know a little about astrology and would like to learn more. I have plans to expand content, including more downloadable video presentations on various topics and an astrology art project I'm currently working on with visual artist Samir Rana. Watch this space!

My dream is to one day be part of the reinstatement of an Irish astrology society, and pick up where Cyril Fagan and W. B. Yeats left off, inspiring a new generation of seekers in Ireland and around the world. If you are an astrologer based in Ireland, I would love to hear from you. Visit my Linkedin page if you would like to get involved or contact me directly via email at info[at]

I would like to welcome you to Timeline Astrology. By becoming a patron you will ensure I can continuously increase content. 

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My first goal is to produce a magazine. I have produced two magazines and have had some renowned Vedic astrologers contribute articles. My aim is to publish a vibrant, bi-annual magazine for a younger generation of Vedic astrology seekers.

My second goal is to have a professional recording studio for podcasts and to create video presentations and learning modules on the website.
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