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About Alex // timetocode

nengi.js is a node.js + HTML5 network engine

Whether you want a whole lot of concurrent users in a single game, or advanced network features (lag compensation, movement prediction) nengi.js is here for you. Maybe you even want both of those things ::gasp::

But nengi as a project is about more than just netcode. It is about the spirit of creating experiences that people can share. That's what these games are to us. To that effect, while nengi's code is focused on multiplayer networking, I hope to grow a knowledge base to help with many aspects of developing and shipping a multiplayer game.

So where will money go when you donate to this project?
  • nengi development
  • creating game templates suited to specific genres (save weeks of dev time!)
  • writing articles about:
    • specific game features
    • authoritative server design (preventing/mitigating cheating)
    • network and game optimization for games in the 40 - 100 concurrent player range
    • architecture of game servers as a game grows from 10 - 10,000 concurrent players
    • deploying node.js + HTML5 games onto affordable VPS providers
  • video tutorials explaining the trickier parts of network programming (such as lag compensation and clientside prediction)
  • integration with other libs/engines such as PIXI and eventually Babylon (want more? ask me!)

To be honest I have a literal year of things that I would do with nengi. But I want your feedback to be part of road map. Nengi already works for me. I want it to work for you.

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