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Hi and hello! Thank you for taking the time to go out of your way to check my Patreon page!

I'm on Patreon because I need to get back to spending half my time making new music and songs, but I can't do it without your support.  There's lots of new music I want to create, and you can be part of the creation. 

  • Neoclassical mood-music and relaxation music, with or without vids.  You can be part of that.
  • Music mirroring the natural world, and in particular the amazing lands and ecology I spent most of my professional working life intently studying.  You can be part of that too.
  • And the videos to go with those.  You can be part of that.
  • At the other end, the down and dirty blues and jazz and satire normally associated with the Flying Tadpole side of things.  You can be part of that too.
  • In between, well......musicals...opera...satire...cabaret...jazz...solo piano work...gaming music...just about everything but Cowboy Songs.  I hate Cowboy Songs.. 
You can be part of it all (just not Cowboy Songs).  

As a supporter, you'll be part of it, through the multiple feedbacks and returns on your investment in me that you'll find under the "rewards" list. 

You'll have a warm inner glow and so will I, with real appreciation both ways! And the rewards I'm offering are real, not token.

And out of it all will come shining music! Sometimes darkly shining too, because we need shadow to show us the light, in music as much as in anything. Come on the journey with me!  Become my Patron!


For years I've been turning out music and songs , ranging from quiet relaxation to edgy satire and some just wholesome and occasionally unwholesome fun. I want to keep doing that, over the whole spectrum. I need your support to keep it rolling and get it out there.

I know the music's good. I know people enjoy it.
  • There are lots of  views on my youtube channel, and over ten times that number that you'll hear my music behind others' videos.  
  • There are hundreds of thousands of streams on sites like reverbnation.com.
  • There are albums, both real and virtual, and those songs keep being streamed.
  • I put a huge time input to encouraging new and coming songwriters and musicians, especially through February Album Writing Month.
  • There's even an opera under development with a State flagship opera company.  Has to be good for that to happen!

So WHY?...
...do I need your support?

...there's almost zero income from all that music.

Why no income? Here's why...

The old-style streaming sites, like reverbnation.com, haven't generated any income at all since the original mp3.com crashed and burnt decades ago. 300,000+ full plays? Meh...

A stream on Spotify, a streaming service which ACTUALLY DOES PAY on each stream, is worth $0.003 to me. And that's good compared to some who pay $0.0007 per stream! Work out how many streams to buy a cup of coffee!

Take youtube. All those ads! An aggregator is picking up all those royalties for me and...in 25,000 full views, and about 550,000 views where my music is backing a vid since the aggregator fired up, that hasn't reached the minimum payout of $20 either!!.

And forget any money from the opera. Writing it chewed up the equivalent of two years full-time work, unpaid and unsubsidised.  Yes, it was worth it,  but not in any financial sense.  With opera, you pour time and money in, and get opera out. (Provided, of course, that an amazing number of things fail to go wrong.)

Arts grants? I'm so far outside the Australian arts grant circle that even outsiders need a Hubble Space Telescope to see me.

It's not all bad news.I make enough now to be able to drink coffee occasionally and pay for it. Okay, it's only instant coffee made at home but at least it's good instant. But that's it. Barista coffee? That's a dream.Unless someone or something else pays for it.

My dayjob used to subsidise the music you listen to, videos you watch and albums you download or stream. But the global financial meltdown, from 2009 on, eventually bankrupted all, and I mean all, my clients. And in the end I too have had to shut up the dayjob shop.

So the music-recording equipment and software is getting old, the software is getting old, hey I'm getting old! And more and more time is chewed up by concentrating on making ends meet (and meat). The time is the worst of it, of course.

So I'm holding out the begging hat.  Or the tip hat, if you like.  I'd love to have you as a Patron! And maybe then I can buy the occasional barista coffee while you listen to the new music.

And thank you again for taking the time to read this. Especially all the way through this diatribe!
$40.14 of $100 per month
$100 is about equal to one day's pay at the absolute bottom rate of Australian pay scales. Hit this and I'll release a FREE worktapes digital EP (4 tracks) for your enjoyment and entertainment and enragement of neighbours.  That's for ALL patrons.  Including  $1/mo patrons, because every dollar counts.
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