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About Tim Nydell

My name is Tim Nydell, and I create YouTube videos.  

I love creating content.  Making videos and podcasts are my passion.  I've been hosting a successful podcast since 2012 (Saturday Morning Rewind), and in 2018 I started YouTube.  I instantly fell in love with both. 

My content is pretty family friendly - ranging between G-rated, PG-rated, and sometimes PG-13 rated (which can be hard to find online these days) - it consists mainly of: Vlogs, 80's/90's retro themed videos, Disney park videos, comic cons, celebrity interviews, travel videos, etc. 

I wanted to start a Patreon account because I need some help.  In order to deliver the quality and quantity of content that I wanted, I need some help with: Travel costs (food, flights, gas, hotels, car rentals), new equipment (so the videos can look and sound better than ever), advertising (so I can get new subscribers), merchandise to sell or giveaway, YouTube related bills (website / Zoom / royalty free music sites / Skype / etc.), giveaway items for my loyal viewers, etc.   

Making good content isn't easy, and it's definitely not cheap.  In a world full of crappy YouTubers with mediocre or mean natured content - help me create the content that I want to create, and help me get my YouTube channel & videos out there for people to see.

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TimNydell

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