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I recently launched Timothytt.com to encourage, challenge, and inform Christians to think broader and more confidently about the implications of the gospel in their lives and communities. Some specific ways I help people think this way is by providing high quality articlessharing personal blogs, and connecting and encouraging them to try new music and podcasts.

Since launching, I have already been syndicated on desiringgod.org (a reputable large-scale publisher for over ten years) and The Village Church. I’ve also started writing for ChristandPopCulture.com as a staff writer. 

Because I am currently teaching full-time and coaching part-time, there is always competition for time to write. Therefore, I want to gradually – but aggressively – pursue writing part-time in an effort to consistently encourage, challenge, and inform people like you.

And for that reason, I invite you to join my exclusive community here on Patreon by becoming a patron. Your membership will help me to continue creating and connecting you to exceptional content. 

Your membership will also give you access to exclusive content as well as improving and sustaining the quality, content, maintenance and enhancements of Timothytt.com

As an exclusive member, you will be provided opportunities to receive freebies, gifts, and exclusivity to my Patreon news feed. This feed will include monthly updates, earlier access to some content, Audio Articles, and some behind the scenes access. 

When I receive additional Patrons, some of the ideas I have are as followed:
  • Site enhancements. I can make several visual and user-friendly enhancements to the website that can eliminate or fix bugs that make the site harder to use.
  • Monthly/Weekly Interviews. In addition to interviewing you if you become a Patron, I also want to interview artists, pastors, executives, etc. on a monthly or weekly basis, giving you an inside look at the ordinary parts of their lives.
  • Weekend Series of Articles. Whether you're taking a road trip or are taking a sabbath weekend rest, sometimes having quick and encouraging material to read can help keep our minds centered on the gospel.
  • Release of a book/ebook. I do not know when, but I hope to eventually release books/ebooks that expound on the thoughts of many of my articles. Until then, I plan on sending a certain tier of Patron's an ebook/physical book of their choice.
Thank you for prayerfully considering joining me as a Patron and a regular reader of Timothytt.com. Your readership is valued and appreciated.
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When we reach $500 per month, I’ll start a special "Ordinary Faith: Patron of the Month" interview series where I interview 1 patron every month about what faithfulness to God looks like for them in the ordinary ebbs and flows of life everyday.
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