Tim Querengesser is creating Walkcast — a podcast that goes walking in cities


$1 /creation
You've got little to spare but a lot of hope for urbanism, journalism and walkability. 

You get: A lot of good vibes for your inner goodness. 


$5 /creation
Those of you who Walk your Talk with a $5 pledge will receive: 
* A shout-out in the show credits (if you want them)
* Pre-episode chance to ask future guests a specific question 


$20 /creation
Simple: You offer me $20, and you're in Edmonton, and I walk your dog (and it's your call if you want that to be part of the show). 

Walker, Texas Ranger

$100 /creation
You know who you are, because you're Chuck Norris in a cowboy hat. And you just gave a guy a hundo to tell stories about walking. You walk tall, Walker.

You get: A year-long shout ou...