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Have you ever wondered why certain songs get picked as singles? Now’s your chance to be in on the fun before the decision is made. Get my newest demos sent to you straight out of the studio. Listen to them and give me feedback and help me decide the next single.



About Tim Schou

Hi. I’m Tim. Some of you already know me and my music, but for newcomers, I’m a Danish singer/songwriter and some might say I have reached Olympian levels of couchsurfing after doing it for 5 years straight now.

5 years ago, I decided to sell my apartment and live on couches around the world, to give my music the freedom it needed to find home. I went all in and it’s been a crazy and beautiful ride. Still is.

I still live as a modern Vagabond and it’s become my reality. The one thing I keep coming back to is the humbling feeling I get when people help me out in my musical journeys around the world or the inspiration I get from new friendships and when I see the way my stories have an impact on those who follow and support me.

I have always been very close with my fans and so my good friend and American poet Christopher Poindexter told me to try Patreon out and I think it’s definitely the next natural step for me to get even closer and deeper with my followers and supporters.

In the future I am looking to keep recording music and music videos, traveling back and forth between Europe and USA, where I’m constantly writing and networking my way through the business to find new outlets for my music to breathe and be released for you guys to enjoy. Basically just fighting to keep the freedom to be creating music and content for you all.

With Patreon and hopefully your support, I can dig even deeper into that freedom and financially be pushed and cheered forward and onwards by you guys and at the same time being able to pull you close and give back, right away. Thank you so much for any contribution. Hugs, Tim.
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My first goal is to get to 50 patrons. In fact, when we reach 50 patrons, I'm gonna let you all listen to my unreleased next EP "Face To Face Vol. 2" to say thank you. Let's go!
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