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is creating stuff from junk and making videos about it!
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You are the backbone of my channel!! Thank you so very much for pitching in. $1 a month is really helpful and comes with my sincerest gratitude - as well as access to patreon-only content ;-)
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This is $1 a week so basically a buck a video. Thank you very much! you are the wind beneath this channel's wings. I'll keep doing my best to entertain and inspire AND I will make exclusive, additional video content for you. You're also in for my occasional giveaway drawings.
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This translates to $3 a week, about $3 a video. Holy awesome! I really really appreciate it. You'll get early access and bonus content like all the patrons and are included in all raffles - as well as other occasional random giveaways




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About Tim Sway

I am an artist/maker/environmentalist creating functional art exclusively out of reclaimed materials. I have a YouTube channel where I share some of my work. My videos are designed to inspire, sometimes teach and to encourage others to live greener, cleaner and local.

My 6-year-old son and I have a video series called "vance maker" where I teach him to be creative with tools, his hands and his heart. as Albert Einstein said (paraphrased), you don't really understand something until you can explain it to a 6-year-old. This series inspires makers young and old.

I also cohost a weekly podcast called "Reclaimed Audio" and have worked most of my life as a musician. I often make instruments and incorporate original music into my videos.

I want to do more and better videos and builds. I hope you want to see them!

Thank you very much for your interest in what I do and thanks for the support.

Be good,
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i'm a bad capitalist. i just aim for $50 pr hr no matter what i'm doing. if i actually booked 40 hours a week at this rate i'd be making too much money! but my first goal/dream would be to know one day a month is paid for and covered for me to just work on creating content. that would mean so much.
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