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Hi everyone! I'm Tim.

I've been writing about indie games for nearly a decade now, and much of that time were spent on running and contributing articles for IndieGames.com (as Editor-in-Chief). Starting with the very first article in December 2007, I wrote about indie games until the end of 2011 before reluctantly taking on a non-writing job to make ends meet. This meant leaving behind what I love doing the most: finding new indie games to write about & helping to discover up-and-coming indie game developers who will become future inspirations to many.

Owing much to the persuasion from John Polson (ex-IndieGames.com EIC), Simon Carless and many more friends, I have returned to help run (and write occasionally on) IndieGames.com since November 2013. But during that time away I've never stopped playing indie games (see Addendum: IGF Entry Stats, final paragraph), and I'm just happy that over the years many developers who I have become close friends with have also found success with their games. But this doesn't mean there won't be new developers and more success stories to be found. So here I am, back again, doing all I can to help indie game developers everywhere spread the word about their games.

The reason why I've created this Patreon page and asked for your help is because I don't make enough from writing about indie games to cover even my most basic expenses (food twice daily, electricity, water, internet, medical bills and family support). I encountered this problem two years ago when I had to leave my position on IndieGames.com for a non-writing job elsewhere, and I may have to take another long hiatus (possibly even a permanent one) from writing if I'm still in the same situation in a couple of months from now. I'm willing to give new funding models a shot, and if I'm successful with this it will also serve as a strong encouragement for other editors to write about indie games full-time without having any financial worries in the back of their minds.

How you can help:
I'm only asking for a small donation of $1 or $2 every month, which comes up to around $12 - $25 per year for one year's worth of indie games articles (all free to read). The posts I write are extremely short (roughly three or four paragraphs long), but I do write about hundreds of indie games every year. Since the objective of these articles are only to highlight the indie games that you should look out for, I wouldn't expect more than ten or twenty dollars' worth of pledges per year from any single person.

I do welcome any extra pledges (thanks!) but I would also ask that you consider spending it on buying an indie game from one of your favorite developers to support them instead. Without sustainable income, many of our favorite developers could quit making the games they love and go back to their boring day jobs. Let us help in any way we can to prevent that from happening!

What I will do in return for your pledges:
As mentioned above, I will keep searching all corners of the internet for new indie games to write about. Every article that I write will be accessible to everyone always, and will be posted up on FreeIndieGam.es, IndieGames.com and Warp Door. I will also be writing additional articles and features during the year, such as:

  • interviews with developers
  • more advice on how to get press coverage for your games
  • how to prepare and run your own Patreon campaign for indie game developers

About the new site, Warp Door:
If the second goal is achieved, I will collaborate with Chris Priestman on starting a new site that features articles about our favorite games (which will also definitely include indie games) called Warp Door. You can read the announcement for the site here. We're hoping to do something different with Warp Door: the entire site will be fully-Patreon funded by the community, meaning that there will never be any ads on the site to distract or annoy our readers.

Your pledges have helped us start up the new site, and if we can keep this up we should be able to pay future contributors, editors and new writers to write for the site in no time at all. And it's going to be awesome. :)

About Chris Priestman:
First and foremost, you can read more about Warp Door over at Chris Priestman's Patreon page, and you can choose to support him there as well. Both of us will pool our resources (Patreon funds + effort + time) to get Warp Door up and running, then write on it as regularly as we possibly can.

Outside of my hardworking friends and colleagues at IndieGames.com, Chris is one of the most diligent person I've ever known who's doing excellent work at helping new indie developers get attention. His record speaks for itself (Game Tunnel, Indie Game Mag, IndieStatik's ex-EIC), and I believe that with your support he will go on to do even greater things for the indie game development community.

An important note about your pledges:
Much as I appreciate everyone's pledges, do note that you can cancel any on-going pledge whenever you want. If the milestone goals are not achieved for any particular month, I can always scale back and budget the costs of running the site accordingly. I'm also more than willing to use my own savings (and whatever I make from writing on other sites) to keep the new site running if no milestone goals are achieved for several months.

In summary:

We have already witnessed the incredible success that indie game developers have achieved in just the past few years. I believe that it will only keep getting better from here onwards, and I'm happy to be part of the wonderful community who are creating history & building an even brighter future for indie game developers everywhere.

Thank you!
- Tim W.

"I think Tim W.'s contribution to indie games has been incredibly important, and I think his absence since the end of 2011 has left a gap. I started Free Indie Games largely to try and fill that gap." - Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon) at GDC 2013 (YouTube link)

"He’s given more developers press than anyone else I can think of." - Rob Fearon, Retro Remakes

"When he started indygamer.blogspot.co.uk, there was barely anyone covering independent games. If you want to try and trace this current indie boom back to its Day 0, you might want to start around there." - Mike Rose, Independently Speaking

"Tim W. is really showing how much indie content is out there (a LOT!)" - Simon Carless, GameSetWatch

My older stuff:
quotes about indygamer.blogspot.com (pre-IndieGames.com)
freeware.remakes.org (my attempt at archiving links to indie games, no longer maintained)

Why did you choose to write for FreeIndieGam.es and IndieGames.com, and not any other sites?

I don't have a preference for any particular site when it comes to writing about indie games. As long as the site has a good reputation, decent amount of traffic (meaning more fans to play new games from indie developers) and allows me to write about whichever indie games I want, then I'm perfectly happy with contributing for them anytime!

(more to come. if you have a question, feel free to ask!)
$140 of $750 per month
If this goal is met, I will collaborate with Chris Priestman to set up a new site (not ad-supported, fully Patreon-funded) that features articles about our favorite games (which also include indie games). Any funds received past this goal will be used to maintain the site and cover its costs.
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