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About Tina Figarelli

oil painter and illustrator

Most of my pieces are made using traditional oil paints on panel. I also love to do illustrations with graphite and charcoal. The concepts I explore so dearly are portrait work of the female form with elements of fantasy and romanticism. My work is based heavily on ethereal goddesses and the sheer beauty and power of women and femininity.

All my life I was inspired by beautiful mysteries and legends of women. Stories and lore of goddesses, mermaids, nymphs, all types of strong, graceful women from all over the world. Since I couldn’t become one, I decided to create them.

Join and watch me create fantasy, surreal paintings and drawings, inspired by magic and the beauty and grace of femininity. 

Get behind the scenes, and see my concept sketching process, works in progress, color mixing guides, and a peek inside my thinking process, exclusive to patrons only!

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Hugs & Kisses
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🌸Exclusive behind the scene looks of my concept sketches. Look into my painting planning process!

🌸Blog posts with what I've learned about painting, social media, everyday artist struggles and just whatever is on my mind!

🌸Posting more frequent and more in depth than social media.

🌸Reviews on my new and current art supplies I use. Paints, brushes, canvases!

🌸Answer and vote on polls regarding future pieces, anything from color schemes to background choice!

🌸10% off code for my shop.

Bouquet of Flowers
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🌸Rewards from the previous tier

🌸Access to patron-only discord server where you can:

           🌸share your WIP's, completed paintings, and receive
                critique from me and other artists.

           🌸Chat and learn from others in the community!

Includes Discord rewards
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
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🌸Rewards from the previous tiers!

🌸High-quality downloads of finished pieces (.JPG, .NEF), ability to see nearly every brush stroke and technique! 

🌸Process/behind-the-scenes, such as color mixing videos and guides.

🌸Monthly 15 minute Q & A where I answer any and all questions, as well as a more in depth display of my painting/illustration process. 

🌸A free 4 x 6 print1

🌸15% discount code in my shop.

Includes Discord rewards
Teddy Bear
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🌸Rewards from the previous tier

🌸A free professional 8.5x11 inch print every month!

           🌸The print will change month to month based on my newest

🌸20% code for my shop

Includes Discord rewards
Limited (3 of 3 remaining)
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🌸All rewards from the previous tier

🌸An original 5x7 inch oil painting will be sent you every month!

         🌸Shipping is included in price for the U.S. For outside the U.S, please add $3 extra for shipping. Thank you!

🌸A free, exclusive embellished print only for Patrons every month.

🌸25% off coupon code for my shop!

Includes Discord rewards
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With reaching this amount, I would be able to replace some of my old art supplies and also probably just cry tears of joy!! 
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