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About Tina

Hi! My names Tina, I go by tinaqt;  And I am finally setting up a patreon..
I am a freelance illustrator and hopefully want to stay that way for a while.
Why am I using patreon? 
I'm getting to the point where I really now that I'm taking art seriously I want to go out and explore art much more, and expand to new areas.  I enjoy drawing for others, and taking commissions, but now I want to go to conventions, sell merchandise, and meet new people along the way!  Patreon is a great way for both me and my patrons to connect, and help fund me along the way.

Benefits of being a patron?  
, as long as u stay a patron heehHEhehe, just kidding even if you do not decide to support my patron and interact with me you can have my eternal love,  Access to a patron only Discord section, and have exclusive drawing streams.  Everything is listed for the tiers and more will be added when my patreon grows more and more!

Thank you!

I appreciate every single last person who supports me and who has, without all of your support I wouldn't be where I am at today. 

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