Nicole Mannino is creating THIS IS NOT FICTION

Happy Moment

$1 /mo
My eternal love! ILU! ♥ Also:
  • access to strange behind-the-scenes doodles that probably shouldn't see the light of day
  • monthly desktop or phone wallpapers

Alien T-shirt

$3 /mo
In addition to behind-the-scenes doodles, you'll get:
  • first looks at current and future projects I'm working on
  • current ongoing projects: Landon POV mini-comic

Interesting Bunny

$5 /mo
All previous rewards, plus:
  • access to my thumbnails, usually posted at least 24 hrs before the final page is uploaded (note: WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS).


Cactus Friend

$10 /mo
Under Construction!

Burger, Fries, Milkshake

$15 /mo
All the previous rewards, plus:
  • access to Patron-only livestreams!