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We write about handheld games on 3DS, DS, PS Vita, Game Boy, GBA, etc. We don't just regurgitate the latest news at Tiny Cartridge; we share what we love about portable games, their developers, and the community.


Austin, TX, USA
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 Hi! We're JC and Eric! 

We created Tiny Cartridge five years ago, the most fun site about portable games. We do more than post news; we share what we love with our readers every day: weird imports, indie games, comic artists, chip musicians, and more. We are VERY passionate about creating the kind of handheld gaming site we'd want to read, and we take pride in delivering a blog that's unlike any other out there.

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Publishing 3-4 posts daily and editing podcasts take time, which we don't have much of -- JC is a full-time dad to twin girls, Eric has an office job, and we take on extra freelance work to pay bills.

With your help, we can spend less time chasing freelance gigs or advertisers, and more time putting together original articles and making Tiny Cartridge rad. Real talk, we'll also have less anxiety about making ends meet.

Patreon allows you to tip us a tiny amount every month ($1 or more) using a credit card or PayPal -- your account won't be charged until the end of the month. You can cancel your pledge at any point if you're low on cash or have a change of heart.

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Let us know if you have any questions on  Twitter or in an email -- we will be more than happy to provide you with answers.

Much thanks to The Shortsleeves for letting us use their song "Rabbit Feet" in our pitch video -- make sure to back their Kickstarter! The Animal Crossing GIFs used on this Patreon page are courtesy of Nookling, Nooklette, Doubutso no MoriAC USPocketoid, and Tourette Town Tours.
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