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About Tinygami

Hi! I'm Stacie Tamaki a full-time, professional, miniature, origami artist at Tinygami LLC. I'm here because for years people have asked me to create DIY videos that clearly illustrate my creative processes. I'm also often asked for entrepreneurial tips and, lately, for healthful and creative cooking tips. To foster more creativity and good health in the world I'll be sharing video tutorials, blog posts, and podcasts about origami, being a small business owner, and my life in general particularly the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle I'm living to improve my health.

Why would you pledge?
Because my video and photo tutorials are like taking the most convenient origami, cooking, or entrepreneurial classes without having to schedule time aside, travel across town, the country, or the world to take them. If you're a night owl classes are offered at 2:00 AM. If you like to sleep in you can view them at 11:00 AM. They're going to be here for you whenever you want them.

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Just like 1000 tiny cranes... Pledges of $1 per month will add up allowing me make more time to create and share more new tutorials on Patreon.

If pledging is a hardship please don't feel regretful or obligated. It's more important to me to share what I've learned to help foster creativity in the world than it is to charge people for access to information that can help them to discover new possibilities within themselves <3

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You can choose an amount from the sidebar and click on "become a patron." It's a monthly subscription based pledge billed on the first day of each month. Note: It is not pro-rated so if you want maximum benefits sign up on the first of a month. You'll receive a monthly notification from Patreon as a thank you and reminder that the pledge has been charged to your account. You can cancel your subscription at any time with your request beginning after the end of the most current month for which you've already received content for. 

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I appreciate that you're visiting my page! If you subscribe you also have my sincere appreciation for being a patron.
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