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About Tiny Scary Vegan

Hello Friends,
My Name is V, a 19 Year Old, Full-Time, Animal Rights Activist. I have dedicated my life to the animals, and want to share my work with you.
I currently work about 100 hours a week, fighting tirelessly for the animals. 
I have worked with Organizations such as PETA, Vegan Outreach, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Direct Action Everywhere, Chicago Alliance for Animals, The Save Movement, Chicago Animal Save, Surge Activism, and others. 
Dedicating your life to something is never easy, but I never thought it would be this difficult. 
The physical and emotional toll that activism takes on a person, is indescribable. 
It has worsened my depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.
I am unable to work with the amount of activism I do, so I need to have a way to work with my activism - hence - Patreon.
I will be posting videos, articles, essays, arguments, helpful tips, and live conversations for those of you that sign up and help me conquer the largest and most disgusting truth we face everyday. 
I also offer Vegan and Activism Coaching, both in group, and personal.
Thank you so much for being you, for being vegan, and helping me and all the animals.
Much love to you.
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When we reach 100 Patreons, I will start uploading videos from AV, The Save Movement, PETA and others including personal videos! (I need to get a camera first, and with your patron, I'll be able to, and spread my activism even more!)
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