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About Darius Kazemi

Hi, I'm Darius Kazemi, also known as Tiny Subversions.

I'm trying to fix social media. I know. Tall order.

With your support my hope is to get as many people as possible off of hell-sites like Twitter and Facebook and onto a more humane network where communities can define their own norms.

I'm known for my work making the internet more fun with Twitter bots and toys like Glitch Logos and Two Headlines. But something happened in 2018 where Twitter changed basically all their rules of engagement and ultimately ended up becoming a less friendly platform for that kind of stuff. This, combined with the many other awful abuses of large social media platforms, pushed me to try and figure out ways to improve the internet, and in particular, social media.

I ended up spending 10 months as a Mozilla Fellow where I did a ton of work on decentralized social media. Some of my work included:

All of this work is intended to help make the internet a better place by helping people take control back from big social network sites.

As an added bonus, now that I have more time I'm also going to start back up on Too Much Not Enough, the podcast that I co-host with Emma Winston where we teach each other about our many intense niche interests.

What about my old stuff?

My original Twitter bots are dying off. This is an intentional decision I've made, as I don't want to support Twitter anymore. I use Twitter strictly for promotional posts now, so you can follow me there for project news, but if you'd like my thoughts and jokes and other things, you can follow me on Friend Camp via RSS or by getting on a service like Mastodon.

I do occasionally make bots on Mastodon, and you can follow those using RSS or any Fediverse-type social network account, though if you're not super technical that pretty much means you have to join or start a Mastodon server. My hope is to make this entire ecosystem more welcoming to non-technical people and then I can get back to making bots and other fun stuff!!

I'm still supporting things like corpora, my collection of machine-readable lists of random stuff for bot makers. And I still write technical tutorials and open source software, as you can see above. I'll continue to maintain my filter for crappy language and other projects.
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At $2000 a month I'll be able to write further free longform guides like my nearly book-length forthcoming How to run a small social network site for your friends.
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