Darius Kazemi is creating a weird and wonderful internet

I know it, you know it: you're cool

$1 /mo
Did you know Patreon has an API? I did not. As my way of saying thanks for contributing I'm gonna make a weird little internet thingy using the profile data of every backer who selects this reward!

Everyone loves swag

$10 /mo
You'll get 50% off everything in my Glitch Logos Teespring store. Plus I'll happily take suggestions for new logos to glitch up.

Behind-the-scenes creative process notes

$20 /mo
While I'm often transparent about what I make and how I make it, sometimes it's just not enough for a full-fledged tutorial or talk. At this pledge level you'll have exclusive access to my somewhat...

Monthly internet hangouts!

$50 /mo
You'll get access to a monthly private two-hour-long live video stream. I'll chat and answer questions and generally pull back the curtain on what it is I do all the time.

...plus all l...

Your personal Random Shopper

$150 /mo
I will configure my Random Shopper bot to send you $50 worth of books, ...