C. Bain is creating poetry, theatre, novels, and transvisibility

You're the bossssss!

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  • For just $1 a month, i work for you now! You get to be part of my team, and my accountability process.
  • Access to monthly progress reports
  • Sneak peeks of new work
  • Patron-only polls

You're in my house

$7 /mo
  • intimate views of me working
  • photos of the thought-mapping and collage and weirdo index card collages that are part of my process.
  • Plus all previous rewards

Process talks

$35 /mo
  • Monthly members-only video and/or livestream of me talking about process, where i am with the work, how i see my work connecting to the world. 

process deux

$70 /mo
  • this gets you a deeper, more contextualized look at my process. You get a second set of monthly hangouts/videos where i talk more about poetry, and other work i am inspired by/consuming.

Producer Credit

$100 /mo
  • At this tier, whatever books i complete in 2018/2019 will LITERALLY thank you, and then everyone will know how wonderful you are.