Titan-Forge Miniatures

Titan-Forge Miniatures

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Become the patron of the highest quality 3D printable miniatures.  Get a new mega-value set of STLs each month! This January:

  • This set contains all the following Titan Forged miniatures:

    • Titan Forged Lord on Beast

    • Titan Forged Steam Dragon

    • Titan Forged Mage

    • Titan Forged BsB

    • Titan Forged Autonoms Unit

    • Titan Forged Autonoms Flying Unit

    • Titan Forged Autonoms Riders Unit

    • Titan Forged Autonoms Dragon Unit

    • Titan Forged Dogs

    • RPG Titans of adventure (9 models)

    • RPG Mortal Enemies (4 models)

    • Themed terrain set

    • Themed Bases set (44 bases)

  • Additionally, you get :

  • The "Welcome Package" (9 miniatures, 43 bases) 

  • Bloodfields starter set

  • The RPG Pack "Titans of Adventure" (9 hero miniatures)

  • Access to our community group.

  • Access to special W.I.P. updates, artist insights, streams, contests, and more! 

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