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You get to read my works-in-progress and offer input and feedback on them before they drop! 

Not only that, but you get access to polls to determine what I make, & an exclusive monthly 3d printable model to boot!

Quick On The Draw!

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Once per month, you can request a subject, a simple thing, and I will draw it as lineart for you! It'll be displayed as both a colored-lines-on-black pic and as transparent linework so you can do with it what you will!

This includes all the rewards of the previous tier.

Deeply Styled for Deep Wallets

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For ten bucks a month,  I'll color in one drawing, yours or others, free of charge, every month! Along with that, you get a free DeepStyle of any image you want, along with the fixing up thereof in various photo-editing programs, in addition to the rewards all the above tiers!




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About Titleknown


Hello, I'm Thomas F. Johnson, better known by the online handle Titleknown on my consistently-running Tumblog of the same name.
Tho, currently, it's more on my Pillowfort and the Wiki for archiving the OCs created on said Tumblog as I attempt to get the hell out of dodge due to the End of Tumblrgelon! Which is like the End Of Evangelion except for the Reis are replaced with [Female Presenting Nipples].

I've got an obsession with aesthetics, monsters, the Creative Commons, very salty critique, and you can help me make these things and more! I want to make a career out of these things, and what better place to start than with the people who I like?

This Patreon will fund the development of writing, art, and other things, a large chunk of which will be in the Creative Commons, meaning that with no more restrictions than a requirement of creator credit or perhaps even less, you can use it how you like! In fact, as an example, every piece I have put up here is under that license, that is how committed I am to the CC!

If you want to see some examples of my stuff in action, check out my gargantuan masterpost of Open Source OCs, or the masterpost of my weekly semi-serial short fiction, where I show off the sorts of stories that can be told with 'em!

I'll use this Patreon to expand even further to more blogs, more critique, bigger projects and more too! So if you're just tuning in and you like what you see, don't touch that dial, because we're just getting started!

The Masterpost of My Open Source Characters- Where I keep my OCs and most of the Open Source work funded by patrons like you, if you want to get a good sample!
My Drabbles Masterpost- Where I keep the rest of my Open Source Content, namely the short fiction and writing I do on a weekly basis, organized by subject and story arc!

Bogleech - one of the most brilliant horror artists and monster critics of our generation!
Tyrantisterror - One of the other most brilliant horror artists and monster critics of our generation, who deserves more love and cash!
SouichiPresents - A cool dude trying to do a review of every Junji Ito story ever written. He deserves money too!
GHOST - A brilliantly macabre composer working in the highly-underrated medium of the synthetic text-to-song program Vocaloid!
Splendidland - A trans lady with a quirky; whimsical sensibility that should appeal to anyone who loves old-school video games; and who makes amazing pixel art and not-pixel-art!
$11.83 of $20 per month
I will start a new; smaller secondary blog to be updated, based around the idea of showcasing/talking about other artists' Open Source Characters akin to the way blogs like The Daily Bestiary go over Pathfinder monsters!

In addition, I guarantee at least one Open Source Character produced on my blog a month, with art and writing, in addition to any requested by top-tier backers later! Not like I wasn't doing that already, but this assures it!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 231 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 231 exclusive posts

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