Titus Adventures is creating Wildlife videos

$2 /creation
Be the backbone for our videos allowing us to produce videos upkeep and purchase new equipment and take the time to get out, shoot and explore.

$5 /creation
Add you in my Hangouts and have the ability message me and ask me about adventures

$20 /creation
Special Q&A session with me live on Hangouts

$30 /creation
Have your business or logo shown twice in the video.

$45 /creation
We will wear your apparel on the show and will be prominently displayed in multiple shots. Must be outdoor equipment or apparel.

$50 /creation
Have the ability to talk to me while on-location and even add input to what we go out and shoot.

$300 /creation
Be one of our financial investors and become part of our team to help plan adventures and become an "Executive Producer" on our credits.