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The "This Is Why I Drink!" podcasts were started to help those that listen and see the forest for the trees, shift their paradigms to seeing a better middle road option.  Rather than the divisive two headed monster, that we currently cater to in our social, cultural and political system.  This podcast is not intended to start a "movement".  I personally hate "movements", because they always have an end.  The way of fostering critical/rational thinking and deductive reasoning, that is broadcast via the "This Is Why I Drink!" podcasts, should simply be life.  Not a movement.  Some people will try to say, that I'm "telling people how to think".  My response to those comments is, "Have you ever read a book, watched TV, listened to the radio, etc?  We are all influenced, in some fashion, by what we see, hear, and choose to listen to.  I would submit, that listening to someone, who focuses on common sense, common decency, rational logic, and the Golden Rule... is a better option, than listening to someone on an emotionally-semantic, divisive and radical tirade.

As the podcasts progress, I am definitely going to be seeking interaction, from followers, via emails, DM's, and even potentially a phone/virtual interview; or an in person appearance on the show.  
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The "This Is Why I Drink!" podcast is looking for listeners, that enjoy the episodes and appreciate what the podcast is trying to build, to become patrons, and donate funds to help us keep building to expand our scope of influence. 

Since this is our first run, at recruiting/seeking patrons, we are not seeking out monthly participants, yet.  If our podcasts generate enough interest, and support; then we will look at monthly patronage and perks for that support.  Right now, any listener that decides to become a patron, and donates a one time gift of $25 or more, will receive a "This Is Why I Drink!" t-shirt.  The t-shirt designs are located, in the first post of this Patreon page, as well as on all of "This Is Why I Drink's!" social media pages. 

The goal for our number of listeners, that become patrons, is 300... based on the number of listeners we currently have.  If we exceed that goal, then that would be awesome, and would show that we might be onto something here.  HA!

Once 50 or more patrons have donated a minimum of $25 each, then we will order the t-shirts, and an ETA for delivery will be posted on all of "This Is Why I Drink's!" social media sites.  The link for all social media sites is attached, via Link Tree, below.  Though the t-shirts are displayed only in black, and men's sizes; we can order them in different colors and women's sizes too.  

If you are a patron, that donates $25 or more, then once you have completed your donation, you can contact us 1 of 3 ways (listed below) to let us know what color, size, and sex your t-shirt should be.... As well as your shipping information.

1. Post a comment, on this site, with your name, address, and order information.

2. Contact us via direct message, on any of the TIWIDOfficial social media pages, with your name, address, and order information.
3. Email your name, address, and order information to: [email protected]

I would NOT recommend ordering these t-shirts for kids.  HAHAHAHA!!!

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