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stories are scars, and scars are stories

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Gentle Readers is currently text and pictures twice a week; at this level I'll also turn it into a video and podcast on the same schedule.


I write and edit Gentle Readers, a twice-weekly email and web magazine. Every issue holds two poems (one mine, one from someone else), a cartoon, and Something Wonderful: from indigo, to why arsenic fell out of fashion as a murder weapon, to how chemotherapy was discovered, to water treatment plants disguised as cathedrals.


Salford, UK

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Every Monday and Thursday I put out Gentle Readers, a newsletter containing my own formalist poetry and cartoons, a link to something wonderful, and something from the past. I'm also following up my children's story Not Ordinarily Borrowable with a full-length YA novel of magical realism, and working on an animated short, The Mouse Made Maiden.
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