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About tk0wnz

Hey GTA5 Modding community,

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I will continue making cars as long as my time and passion allow it. At this point I will only make Forza Motorsport 7 cars, as their quality is the best and they are perfect for replacing existing cars in the game.

Early Access ]
The Patreon $2 Rewards Tier will give you access to my free cars way before its public release. And because early access posts are over a month apart, you only pay per release instead of per month.

Early Access Plus ]
The Patreon $5 Rewards Tier will give you even longer early access before its public release. Cars will also be more special, always having an engine and boot. You can enjoy these cars 6 months before the rest of the world!

There are currently no cars in this tier.

[ VIP ]
The VIP tier was introduced to satisfy your need to give you access to my alpha / beta versions of my cars that I'm currently working on. Moreover, as I do not want to incease my Exclusive car prices to match my fellow modders, I've decided to create this VIP tier instead. VIP cars give you access to the alpha / beta version as well as the final release of that car.

I will be posting them per car, and the payment process will be the same as the Exclusive Cars tier (via PayPal).

  • VIP: There are currently no VIP cars available.

Exclusive Cars ]
These cars will be exclusive to donors and will never get released to the public.

Pricing will be different from Patreon, as each car varies in price depending on the amount of work it took to finish the car.

Use the Paypal link provided in the posts below to make the payments for a single car. Use the comments field on Paypal to at least include your email. Once verified, a download link to your car(s) will be provided.

Buy all cars at once and you get a nice discount. Use these links:

Please try any of my recent free cars at 5mods and make sure your computer is properly configured to handle LODs. If you see my car with low quality interior and missing engine and doorsills, please remember that the cars you buy here will most likely have the same issue. Now, you can "fix" this by using the _hi.yft file and copy it over the other .yft car file, resulting in a good quality car, but it will lack breakable windows. This issue is not related to the car, but to your computer, graphics settings and/or (graphics) mods.

Contact information:
Chat on 5mods
Chat on my Discord channel
Contact me on Steam

All my free cars can be found on over here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them!


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