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Just peeking in with my Hubble!
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Super new to Patreon and wanna see what this is all about? I don’t blame ya! This tier will give you access to sketchbook updates and work-in-progress illustrations (seen NOWHERE else because I only post finished products onto my social media)! Want to get general updates about new store items and market dates? Or maybe you just want to give me a little support? You should get on board with this tier! You'll get:

Handwritten, Digital Thank You Message with a tiny and personalized illustration (via my iPad Pro).
T.L. Luke Art Exclusive Behind the Scenes Updates! This includes sketchbook posts, work-in-progress illustrations, funny little posts, and updates not posted to any of my other social media locations.
Month-in-Review going over what happened during the month and giving you a glimpse into the business side of things!
10% Off the Online Store.
✦ Added to my Monthly Mailing List (store and market updates).
✦ And all of this cool stuff is available in ALL future tiers as well! Heck yeah!

Fun Fact: Did you know the Hubble Space Telescope was a huge FAILURE when it first was launched because the lens was ground to the wrong shape and made every image blurry? They then gave it the equivalent of a contact lens and that's when we got the iconic photograph of the millions of galaxies that we know today!! 
Curiosity Rover Jr.
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Ah, I see you're a pretty curious dewd! Me too!! Wanna learn more about my CREATIVE process? Want to see livestreams, chat with me, or see behind the scenes? Well, this tier was meant for you, baby!

✦ Access to my Creative Musings Blog where I discuss how I illustrate, how I found my style, and things that keep me focused and motivated.
✦ Access to Livestream Process Videos, both from home and at job sites (like businesses where I'm painting murals, etc!). These videos will range from behind-the-scenes drawings of in-progress illustrations or tutorials on how to draw! Fun!
20% Off the Online Store.
✦ And everything from the $5 Tier! Yeah!

Fun Fact: Did you know the Mars Curiosity Rover is actually 7FT TALL??? HOLY SMOKES!  
More like PARTY Horizon!
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Want monthly PRESENTS? Are you serious about wanting to learn more about how to become a working illustrator or how to make your creativity a full-time career? Heck, wanna hang out and hear about what goes on in my life outside of art? This tier is calling your name! You get:

✦ MONTHLY *~Mystery Grab Bag~* delivered directly to your home that includes: a handwritten note (first month) and $30+ worth of merchandise from my store, changes each month! 
Exclusive access to my Business Blog posts that go into detail about the printing services I use, specifics about how I network, what to expect working for larger companies vs. individuals, how to value your work, etc!
Patron Led Interview Series!! Hate reading interviews with artists where they don't answer the questions YOU have? Now YOU get to lead the interview with professionals around the world! Holy smokes!!!!  
✦ Access to the Art Club, where we share a private messenger, do monthly hangs (via Zoom or Meets) do fun art prompts together, and generally support each other! 
✦ And all the rewards from the $5 and $10 tiers! YOU DESERVE THIS!

Fun Fact: This tier title references the Event Horizon (replaced with...Party...because I'm a dweeb, OK?) which is the thin boundary around a Black Hole that defines the region where nothing (not even light) can escape!




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Hello! My name is T.L. Luke (she/her) and I’m a queer, full-time illustrator based in Madison, WI! I’m obsessed with all things that involve SPACE, science fiction, witchy aesthetics, whimsically dark storytelling, cute animals, super rad girls, and non-binary babes!

Why Patreon?

✦  Since starting my business in October 2018, I’ve wanted to provide as much support as I can for my audience! Until now, that's manifested itself as affordable prints, pins, stickers, totes, and shirts. 

✦  However, because my work is affordable, I rely mostly on commissions (aka. custom client work) for my income. A lot of client work means I spend less time making personal work and thus have less cool new merchandise to provide for my repeat customers! Lame!! 

✦  But that’s where Patreon comes in!

My Benefits?

✦  The most frequent question I’ve been asked is “How do you become a successful illustrator?” If you become a Patron, I’ll share my experiences both as an artist ($10+) and as a business woman ($25+)! I’ll tell you all about my equipment, where I buy my materials, how I network, everything!

✦  I will also livestream and record videos of my entire illustrative process ($10+), giving generalized lessons and insights into my own practice, while also offering private, one-on-one sessions ($50+)!

✦  PLUS I’m also hosting Q&A’s ($10+), discounts for my online shop (ALL tiers!), quarterly commissions included with your pledge ($75), and A BUNCH OF MONTHLY PRESENTS ($25+)!! You can find all of this information within the description of each tier!

✦ And, best yet, the higher the tier, the more benefits you get! You might even get a few more fun facts about space!! ;)

In Conclusion!

✦  Supporting me on Patreon means I can take on less client work and afford to make more original art and merchandise for you, my loyal customers and fans!

✦ If you would like to support me, all you have to do is click the Become A Patron at the top of the page and select how much you would like to pledge each month.

✦  And, if you aren’t satisfied with the content you’re receiving, you can cancel your subscription at ANY time.

✦  So, if you can spare some money and want to help me while also receiving a bunch of cool stuff that has never been available before now, please consider becoming one of my Patrons!  

✦  Thank you so much and please be well! 

PS. Want to support me but can't afford to pledge monthly? There are other options for you!

✦  Give a single $3 donation to my Ko-Fi account.
✦  Follow me on my Instagram and Facebook for free updates of finished illustrations!
✦  Buy something from my online store
✦  Check out any number of my free public posts and consider sharing with your friends!
$204.11 of $250 per month
First milestone!! An extra $250 a month!! I'll send ALL Patrons a brand new, space themed, full color print for FREE on top of all the other benefits!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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