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SHINE Wellness Plan
per month
The SHINE Wellness plan is designed to help you stay energetically in tune with the HIGHEST potentials in your life.

SHINE is like visiting the village shaman or medicine person whenever you need a pick me up.

With SHINE you will receive 2 x a month healing videos of but not limited to:
  • light language DNA activations
  • guided meditations 
  • Shamanic drum journeys
  • energy clearing
  • Chakra balancing
  • immunity boosting exercises 
  • and more...
RISE Empowerment Plan
per month
The RISE Empowerment Plan is designed to help you instill a strong sense of personal confidence and skill in your own Innate abilities and soul purpose.

RISE is like joining hands and hearts in the community fire circle with the purpose of giving and receiving.

With RISE you will receive:
  • everything in the SHINE WELLNESS plan +PLUS
  • twice monthly LIVE gatherings to CELEBRATE and receive the POWERFUL ENERGETIC GATE openings, astrological transits, and seasonal shifts. For example, the 555 Taurean Gate webinar series is held here.
  • additional special offerings such as extended chats with the Pleiadians.




Hi I'm Tami Lyn Chambers 💖
I’m a Light Language DNA activator, New Earth Ancestral Gatekeeper, Starseed Ambassador, Blue Ray Indigo Warrior Guide, Author, Artist, and Master Healer using many healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, Light Language, Galactic Shamanism, Druid Bardic Arts, and many more.

I've published books in both fiction and nonfiction with the intent of uplifting, motivating, and inspiring you. Be it my inspirational and spiritual teachings or stories of starseeds, lovers, magical beings, and more you will find something that resonates.

This is OUR private online eco-village of intuitive channeled guidance to inspire and uplift you, healing arts such as reiki and light language to help you break out of blocks and just feel better all around, and many more light encoded magical creations to help you shine brighter.

In this secret sanctuary you’ll have first access to this healing oasis.

I’ll be posting energy updates, in depth healing videos, live streams, giveaways, bonus content, and special discounts for community members only.

This is a special place where you’ll be deeply nurtured and empowered to continue on your path of light.
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When we reach this goal I will hire an assistant to help me so I have time to CREATE MORE 4 YOU 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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