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TLDR News aims to make news and politics easier to understand. No one person can be an expert in everything so we create videos to make the world around you simpler. Our videos are designed to make complex topics understandable and to help you engage more with news and politics.

Currently, TLDR News is only starting off with US content and we'd love your support to create more videos.

Supporter Exclusive Badges ($10+) - So as a special treat for our Patrons, anyone who's signed up Silver tier or above at the end of February will get a free golden version of our UK with shoes pin badge (obviously not real gold). These die struck badges don't just look stunning, they're also very exclusive.

These badges will NEVER be up for sale and are exclusively available to our amazing supporters - like our Patrons.

T&Cs - To be eligible you will need to have made the Patreon payment at the end of February. Anyone who drops out before that payment, or joins after it won't be eligible for this promotion. Once the payment has been processed you will be sent a code to use in our store in order to claim the badge. When claiming the badge you will have to pay postage on the delivery, however, you can add other items to your order pushing the cost of delivering each item. If you have any questions about the promotion please email us ([email protected]) using the subject line 'Supporter Exclusive Badges'.

Priority YouTube Comments ($3+) - So little secret, we get a lot of comments on our videos. That makes it hard for us to read them all and we probably often miss absolute gems. However, we won't miss your comments if you have priority YouTube comments. We use a plug-in which syncs our Patreon with your YouTube and highlights all our Patrons comments, GENIUS! (The plug in, not your comments, though maybe some of them are good too...)

Voting on Video Topics ($3+) - Sometimes we can't decide which video to make. Full disclosure, sometimes we also can't decide what to have for lunch too, but our indecisiveness isn't your problem. Those who have this perk get to take part in periodic votes on topics, and whichever wins we will make.

Behind the Scenes Posts ($5+) - We love talking about ourselves, and sometimes we do that in the form of Behind the Scenes Posts. We tell you what we're thinking about, what we're doing and what we're eating. Learn more about upcoming plans, projects, and meals.

Early Access to Videos ($5+) - Because we make news content, it's rare that we ever finish videos and then don't publish them immediately. But on those blessed days when we can take a breath and have content ready early, we like to share it immediately with Patrons (we have to get instant gratification somehow). We can't guarantee how often this will happen, but whenever we actually stick to our production schedule we will share our videos with you guys early.

Merch Discount Code ($10+) - This one barely needs an explanation. Each tier from $10 upwards offers a discount in our merch store, from 10% to 40% off. This means even when we don't have a sale on, you can bathe in savings. Just don't buy too many items with the 40% discount as I think we lose money on those sales...

Credit in Videos ($10+) - We like to give you guys credit so at the end of our videos we list lots of our Patron's names. Depending on your level of support you will either get credited as a Supporter, Producer or Exec Producer

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We're just starting up this channel and we're currently trying to get a video out a week. If we were to earn $1000 a month through this Patreon we would be able to allocate more resources to the channel and get at least two videos out a week.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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