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The Morning Stream

The award winning Frogpants Studios morning show featuring Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott...and a caveman!

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Random Drawing #2
$7,000 per month
If we hit $7,000, a second randomly selected backer each month will receive a print from Scott's store with some special Sharpie "customization" when Scott and Brian sign it. The chosen backer will be able to choose their print--but the special sauce will be totally up to the guys!
All New Monthly Quiz Show!
$10,000 per month
It's a Battle of the Frogpants Fans! A brand new monthly video quiz show hosted by Brian and Scott where the contestants will be you!  With prizes to be won!
No more ads!
$13,000 per month
We think our sponsors are all dandy folks but if we get to $12,500K per month we will cut all of them. Cut them like a fine piece of cloth in the hands of a Project Runway contestant making a fancy hat. Or something.
The Mobile Stream
$15,000 per month
Let's get this show on the road!  Want to meet Scott and Brian?  We will setup travelling carnival style and invite you to come watch us broadcast live. Patrons will be given a list of possible cities and allowed to vote--winner gets us!  And every 6 months we maintain this level, we'll add another city!

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The Morning Stream is a very special show for me.  Long before I was even a little baby podcaster I had an itch to one day do a morning show with my own special spin.  Three years ago, my buddy Brian Ibbott and I got together and launched The Morning Stream and over 500 episodes later it has grown into the highlight of my week.  Four days a week we get together with the Best Fans on the Interwebz for two hours of mispronounced word; cover songs; news commentary; crazed ranting; Star Trek trivia; and amazing regular segments about comics, tech, fitness, movies and whatever the heck is rattling around inside the noggin of Justin Robert Young.

The fans of the show have always been supportive and we couldn't ask for more.  Well, technically I am about to but I think it is a win/win for all of us.  Your pledge will help us to make the show bigger and better and in return, there are some sweet rewards to say thanks.

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