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About Toby and the Whole Truth


Hi I'm Toby Jepson, and I've spent over 30 years creating, releasing and performing original music. From the early days as a starry eyed kid, as the singer of UK Rock band Little Angels, right up to present day as song writer and frontman for Wayward Sons, and a DJ at Planet Rock Radio; I've always been captivated and driven by the need to make and share music and the creative arts I'm passionate about.

Along the way I've been lucky enough to enjoy hit singles, have a number one record and tour with some of the biggest names in music history such as Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Bryan Adams, but the music business is rapidly changing, making it essential to move with the times. Throughout my life I've tried hard not to lose touch with my audience and have always felt I share the same excitement and passion, so this is why I've decided to team up with the people at Patreon and launch my own unique fan site.

Patreon is for YOU THE FANS, to have unbridled access to my entire historical career as well as a providing a window into who I really am, how I work and what makes me tick. Patreon is a monthly subscription, web based platform and I'm calling this 'Toby and the Whole Truth'.

To join my Patreon site is to become a member of a community of like minded people, where you will be supporting me and my active career as a creative artist. Your money will be going directly into helping me maintain the writing, recording, releasing and marketing of my creative output and in return for your dedication I will provide not only the most comprehensive archive of all my music recorded to date - including content not previously made available, but also unique, member only material, both audio and visual.

For a monthly £10 subscription you will receive each month exclusive materials, as well as live 'members only' broadcast events which will throw open the doors to my inner workings and interests. This will include live discussions, Q&A and direct fan involvement with the following clubs and more:

. 'Good Reads' - this is my book club where we will discuss authors and novels.

. 'The Big Picture' - a film club where we will dive into the magic of cinema as well as discuss my work as a creative writer and composer for film

. 'Works of Wonder' - a classic albums forum

. A songwriting club I'm calling 'The Flaming Pie' - where you will be introduced to the methods and secrets of how I approach the most important aspect of my life. The writing.

This is much more than a simple 'behind the scenes' scenario, this is my life as a music artist, film maker, podcaster, broadcaster and music producer laid out for you to enjoy at your leisure but not only that, it is also an opportunity for you to help inform me as I continue to pursue my passion for creativity in the arts. And I want to hear from you about the sort of things you'd like to see from this Patreon adventure, so expect polls, Q&A's and more where you can get involved and help mold the whole truth.

As I said earlier,I'm setting the monthly subscription at £10, which will give you unbridled access to everything I have mentioned plus opportunities to access Patreon only merchandise and events, and to be clear, you can leave anytime you wish, there is no minimum time requirement.

My desire is to continue to develop and provide passionate, thought provoking work dedicated to exploring the human experience as well as entertaining and enthralling and I'd love for you to join 'The Whole Truth'  and  come along with me on this journey.

Thank you,

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If I reach 250 patrons I'll release details of an exclusive in person live event, entry available only via Patreon!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 145 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 145 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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