Toby MacNutt

is creating Dance, Poetry, and Installations
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About Toby MacNutt

I make art about the weird, arduous beauty of having a body - whatever that body might be.

I am a queer, nonbinary trans, and disabled person. I work in dance, poetry, textiles, and a haphazard assortment of other media. I almost never make work specifically About My Identities, but all that I make is filtered through the lens of who I am. My love of embodiment as a theme is especially potent this way; I am interested in bodies - and people, and places - that change, shift, or exist beyond the bounds. Where are the body's borders, anyway? ;)

Your support will help me dive deeper into all these topics I love, pushing my artforms further, creating richer and more detailed experiences. Thank you so much.

More about me and examples of my work:
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Novelette "Heartwood" released in three parts over three months (if we remain above goal). It's a buddy-detective story.... between a witch and a tree. There's contemporary druids! And murder!
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