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About Liz W

"Today I Am Sober" is a podcast which celebrates the joy of being sober. It provides useful & actionable tips on how to bring even more joy into your recovery. 

Hosted by Liz W a successful corporate woman who secretly needed 3 bottles of Pinot Grigio a night then 6 cans of Red Bull to function the next day at work. She checked into rehab on 26th September 2013 and hasn’t had a drink since because as she says every morning & night "Today I Am Sober". Liz left her corporate role in 2016 and has since been self-employed. 

Liz is on a mission to show that living a sober life with joy is possible and that ANYONE can be an alcoholic and recover. #AlcoholismDoesntDiscriminate

This is a not-for-profit podcast, and by supporting us you'll help cover our costs of running the podcast.

This podcast is dedicated to those men & women Liz has met who have died of alcoholism and their surviving families.
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