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About Todd Atticus

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Todd Atticus and welcome to my Patreon page.

First and foremost, thank you for joining me on this journey. It'll be a wild ride and I'm sure you'll fund (sorry... find) it as enjoyable as I will.

Patreon asks creators to say what they 'create'. I chose 'Art' because, well, it's the closest they've got. But what I really do is redefine it. I make big artworks that shout from the walls about our contemporary obsessions and desires.

I'm inspired by the world around me; from billboard adverts and apps to music videos and supermarket carrier bags. I put my visual inspiration into a blender (aka my brain) and create these kaleidoscopic designs which I then translate into very precise, large scale paintings.

These paintings are only the start of the story. They're big glorious art objects which act as sticky fly paper to entice people into the gallery space. What happens then is another story entirely.

I love what I do. I love playing with visual language and playing with the conventions of art exhibition and consumption. I love sharing what I do, and in turn being inspired and learning from the people I meet along the way.

If you chose to journey with me as a patron, I promise that it'll be anything but a dull ride!
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When I reach $300 per month, I'll be able to start working on a new series of large scale paintings and hold a new exhibition before the end of the year.
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