Todd Clouser is creating Music Mission - new music to support at risk communites

Music Mission Patron

$4 /creation
For 4 dollars per Music Mission Episode you get exclusive access to documentary films of our work with communities in the Americas, from Oaxaca to Mexico City to Nicaragua, as well as access to upd...

$25 /creation
For 25 dollars (100 dollars annually) you get all the above plus access to all of Todd's recorded music via a private stream/download link. Only for patrons of Music Mission.

$60 /creation
For 60 dollars and up (340 dollars annually) you receive all the above as well as a personal thank you message once a year from a student, community, or teacher that our work is benefitting. 

$250 /creation
For 250 dollars (1000 dollars annually) you get all the above and personally sponsor an instrument for a community. Your instrument will be delivered in your name and you will receive a personal th...

$1,200 /creation
You are amazing. Come to Mexico City and we will take an instrument, and workshop, to a community in need. Wanna feel what life in the mountains of Oaxaca are like? Lets get on the bus and go liste...