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SFW Sketches
per update (1-2 times a month)
+ Access to sketch bundles that include all SFW sketches drawn since the last update, from early access WIPs to patreon exclusive content. Includes both original content and fanart (games, comics, cartoons, etc). number of sketches will vary

+ Access to the sfw sketch archive [200+ sketches]

+ A high five*

*a big thank you

NSFW Sketches
per update (1-2 times a month)

+ All previous rewards

+ Sketch bundles will also include all NSFW sketches drawn since the last update, both OC and fanart! includes non explicit fetish art

+ Access to the complete sketch archive, both sfw and nsfw [300+ sketches]

+ Weekly relationship advice* 

*another big thank you

Full Res + PSDs + Adoptables & YCHs
per update (1-2 times a month)
+ All previous rewards

+ Access to finished illustrations I don't post publicly (such as most commissions I take and private projects)

+ Access to the full res files of all drawings done that week

+ Access to unflattened PSD files of finished illustrations

+ Access to an archive with past PSDs and fullres files [70+ illustrations]

+ First dibs on adoptables and YCHs

+ Access to weekly request forms. (You may send as many requests as you like, and i'll draw the one i like best that week! it can be your OC, my OCs, fanart, NSFW, anything.)

+ Access to process videos of my work.

+ We're friends now*

*another big thank you and this time i'm crying

Limited (0 of 7 remaining)
per update (1-2 times a month)

+ All previous rewards

+ A 24 hour window for first dibs on commission openings before they go public

+ Every patreon update you get a guaranteed slot!

+ Hell yeah babey!*

*thank you, again




per update (1-2 times a month)

About Toddnet

Updates every two weeks!


Hey, I'm Todd. I'm a freelance artist who likes to draw anthro characters, as well as fanart of games, comics, cartoons, etc.

What does this Patreon offer?
Here i'll be posting sketches that I usually don't post publicly, as well as WIPs, PSDs, and high res files. By supporting me, you get access to Patreon exclusive content, and you allow me to take time aside to practice and venture out of my comfort zone by taking suggestions and trying things I usually wouldn't find the time in my schedule to try.
i also offer videos of my work process! you can check the tier rewards besides.

How will the rewards work?
For all tiers, every other monday i'll be sending out links to sketch batches, of which most sketches haven't been posted publicly. I always end up with around ten sketches by the end of the week, more depending on how light my workload is that week, so i never really run out of content to share.
I might skip some weeks as to not burn out! In that case, no patrons will be charged.
$400 – reached! per update (1-2 times a month)
Definitely won't have to stress over bills anymore. Unlocks livestreams, tutorials, and a print shop.
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