Todo, a discord bot.

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Pro donators get an extra primary list and unlock the pro color theme.

Note: All donation tiers will include the perks of any tiers below them.
Includes Discord benefits
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With this donation, you can rename all lists except the default primary and server lists and the name length can be up to 50 characters as opposed to standard 25 characters.

Your name is also displayed on the patrons command and you unlock the gold color theme.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support

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With the ruby donation, you get three more primary lists and the ruby color theme.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support




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About Jashan

Todo is a bot for developers, students, and those who like to keep organized

This bot features a fully functional todo list with commands to view, edit, and sort tasks on your list. Lists can be either personal (available to you) or server-wide (available to everyone). Server administrators can determine who can control, access, and edit server-wide lists.

Todo also features a system that lets you set reminders for later as well as remind you at regular intervals. Like the todo list function, the user-friendly reminder interface lets you add, delete, and list your reminders with ease.

Todo is customizable for users of all themes, offering blue, black, and white palettes to suit your style. Todo is up 24/7 and has a support server accessible by todo support.

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Completely pay for hosting costs of the bot. 
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