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About Toffee-Tama


My name is Chloe, also known as Toffee-Tama on Deviantart. I have been an artist for many years and it is one of my favourite hobbies. It is currently only my side gig with adoptables and commissions being my most popular items. One day I hope to do art full time.

I have many ideas and worlds and would love to share them with my followers, however, I do not wish to fill my gallery with WIPS and concepts. Thus I plan on using my patreon to show case my sketches, WIPS and finished pieces. I will slowly add more as I get used to this platform but for a mean time I can only offer my art.

I hope you all look forward to seeing more stuff here in the future! Thank you!
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Temple Upkeep:
Hitting this goal will see that I can maintain a roof over my head. I wont have to worry about rent and thus will have more time to devote to my art<3
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