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About tofupofu

Hi! My name is Jay, I'm a queer Missouri redneck who has emotions sometimes. I'm trying to earn money for top surgery, college, and my regular bills. Beyond that, writing is a passion that I have had for a very long time. It connects me to my faith, it allows me to heal, and it's fun. I write everything from poetry to thriller-horror, and I try to be as inclusive as possible in my writing. I hope you decide to stay!

I post a short-mid length poem publicly once a month (the first Monday of the month). Becoming a Patron will allow you access to weekly short-mid length poetry and a monthly short story.
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When I get 20 patrons of any level, I'll send everyone a thank you message! I'll also publish a longer-form story, in the realm of 20k words, although it'll probably take me a few days after I hit the milestone.
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