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        About Bryan Henry & Together We Ascend

        Support our movement of unity consciousness and collective ascension. Together we can co-create a more harmonious, united, and prosperous world for all. #togetherweascend

        You have felt it too, humanity has been undergoing a radical shift in consciousness. As more people awaken to higher spiritual truth, we collectively grow more powerful. For the highest of truths is the truth of Oneness.

        The Shift to Unity Consciousness & Vision of a New Earth

        The false perception of separation is at the root of all suffering and conflict happening on our planet today. It can only be when individuals are deceived by the belief that we are separate from one another, and from our planet, could selfish and disruptive behavior occur. The shift to unity consciousness is the answer we've been looking for,

        As we journey into higher states of consciousness, we elevate towards the frequency of unity consciousness. Making this positive shift, is the catalyst for the greatest realization; the realization that we are One, and we are in this together.

        In the perceiving connection and oneness in the world, what naturally unfolds is the desire to serve the All. We stop living for the "me", and begin acting for the highest good of "we". And as each of us comes forward in offering our unique divine gifts, One prospers.

        A world in which we are united in our purpose, and supported as individuals in stepping into our True Selves and gifts - this is the world we are building.

        Our Mission & What your Contribution Would Mean

        Our mission is to contribute to the shift in the collective consciousness towards greater unity, understanding, and prosperity for all. We carry out this mission by providing guidance to those on the path of higher consciousness and personal transformation.

        It's in each of us activating higher and more authentic expressions of ourselves that shifts the collective to higher timelines and greater states of being. TWA is focused on supporting those who are interested in and ready to step into greater versions of themselves, in aim of more powerfully serving others.

        To this aim, I, Bryan Henry, along with the TWA team create conscious content that support the individual in their growth and transformation. The content we create spans an array of topics, as we believe in a holistic mind, body, spirit, approach that address all dimensions of human experience and potential. This all comes together to activate in one, their highest purpose and potential.

        95% of what we create and offer, is done so for free. We don't believe in withholding what we feel we are capable of offering, for that would be reflective of separation-based thinking. We know that the activation of a higher you, benefits us all, and so we genuinely wish to see everyone move into self-actualization. We also believe that the exchange of energy is important in us being able to sustain serving our mission, and it's for this reason that we remain open to the support and contributions of our community.

        Your contributions would allow us to continue to create more powerful and frequent content, in our service to humanity.

        If you feel called to support our movement, we would deeply appreciate having you as a patron.

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