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For me, a great photo captures more than just a visual impression: it captures a lived moment, a felt emotion, an instant of transcendence.

I'm an Earth Scientist and Photographer. I enjoy travelling the world both for business and pleasure and love to capture the world around me–landscapes and wildlife, cities and people–through the medium of photography. It's important for me to be able to share my work with you to let you enjoy my favourite moments alongside me.

I share my content on Unsplash is an amazing open-source community providing access to high-quality photography for free. Under an open-source license, all photos shared on that platform are available in full resolution for everyone to view, download, and creatively use as they wish. Yes, this means that you and everyone else can get all my photos for free. Yay!

However, creating high-quality content does not actually come free. Rather, it comes at significant costs including camera equipment, travel expenses, and lots of time devoted to creating the best content I can. Therefore, I very much appreciate your support that will help me to continue on my quest for beauty, adventure, and discovery. Your contributions allow me to keep my equipment up to date and to travel to exciting new places. But most of all, your generosity means that literally millions of others get to enjoy my content for free. And that just feels gooood, doesn't it ;-)

Thank you so much for being a part of this, I truly appreciate it!
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