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Ad-Block Absolution Patrons donating just $1.00 per month are giving about 1,000X more to Tolarian Community College than every ad they could possibly watch in a month.  Therefor, donators at this level get the reward of Ad-Block Absolution!  You can now use Ad-Block software GUILT FREE! Now, I know I have already said that I don't care if you use Ad-Block software, but you are such awesome people that I have heard time and time again that you feel guilty about using it none the less.  GUILT NO MORE! Because honestly, that $1.00 is soooo much more than YouTube would have paid me for those ads, that you can feel proud for supporting the college and avoiding annoying ads at the same time.

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You get access to the Patreon page and get to help vote to decide what the bonus videos are about.  You also get invites to the Google Hangouts and all other Patron-only events.

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Signed card!  Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question, "You are never at a GP near me! I can't get cards signed by you!" Hahaha, that's not a question, friend, but it is true.  If you'd like to become a $10.00 patron, I will happily send you a one time gift of a signed card from my collection.  I pick the card, and I will try and make it a reflection of me and the college. Yes, I will send the card internationally. Make sure you enter your correct shipping address!

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